Residential Bores & Pump Services

D U Electrical Pty Ltd – Complete Bore Services are a specialist company that caters to a comprehensive range of services to the domestic and residential fields. We offer a complete package that includes drilling by a licensed driller, pump installation by authorised pump installers and all associated electrical works performed by licensed electricians. The new bore may be connected into the existing irrigation as required.

  • Residential Bores, Drilling & Construction
  • Residential Bore Pumps Installation
  • Residential Pressure Pumps Installation
  • Water Tanks Supply and Installation
  • Installation, Maintenance and Service

New Bores

A new bore should be a hassle-free supply of water into your irrigation or your tanks. It should save money and the environment because it cuts down the usage of more expensive treated mains water supplies.

However, be aware that a new bore will only do that if it is drilled to the correct depth, equipped with the right pump, and the electrical installation provides all the appropriate protections. If any of these conditions are not in place, you will end up with a bore that will become more expensive.


Think About Cost

You must ask yourself how much this bore is going to cost in the long run. How many times will you have to pay for repairs and pump replacements because the installed equipment was of inferior quality and installed to a poor standard? How much power will you waste and pay for it because the installed pump is not the right pump for the job? All are considerations that need to be taken on board.

Why You Should Hire Us to Install Your New Bore

D U Electrical - Complete Bore Services have licences and accreditation for all of our workers.

License & Accreditation

Our drillers are licensed drillers.

Our pump installers are accredited and trained submersible pump installers.

Our electricians are licensed electrical contractors specialising in bore pumps.

D U Electrical - Complete Bore Services ensure quality for every job.


Our pumps are of a good-quality and reputable brand that will last many years, not just the warranty period. In fact, if anything goes wrong with your pump or the electrical installation, we will come to you, diagnose the fault, and repair or replace as necessary.

D U Electrical - Complete Bore Services offer Both domestic and commercial electrical insurance work.


We have public liability insurance.

  • We are cover with public liability insurance
  • We do residential pumps and Fusion Insurance Claims and Repairs
D U Electrical - Complete Bore Services offer premium warranty for all of our jobs.


Our warranty is a two years onsite warranty on all equipment.

D U Electrical - Complete Bore Services if anything goes wrong, you can call us.

Point of Contact

If anything goes wrong with the bore that we install, you don’t have to worry about whether to call the driller, the electrician, or the pump installer/supplier. You simply call us.

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For Bores and Pumps service, call us on 0407 332 015

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